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Specialty Games

These games appeal to a wide range of players. Novelty games include basketballs, skill cranes, skee-balls, and games in which the player wins toys or tickets redeemable for prizes. Ticket and toy expenses are evenly divided between the operator and the location as are the profits.

Locations can take advantage of these games by offering location-based merchandise, food, drink coupons, or any other appropriate items, in exchange for tickets they've won.

The new generation of self-redemtion games have proven themselves to be big-time winners! These games have mass appeal to a wide variety of groups. Adults, teens and kids alike, love to win prizes and this new breed of redemtion machines rewards the players instantly!

The traditional crane games are experiencing a rebirth in popularity. Players have always enjoyed a game where skill is required to earn a reward. Recently, manufacturers have begun offering newer-style prizes, using better quality materials, for a little-to-no price increase. We can now offer high quality merchandise to the players while not having to raise the costs to our customers. We can order specific merchandise, to keep up with popular trends to keep players interested, or to customize prizes to fit the location.


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