Winter Leagues' Party!
May 2, 2015

Summer Leagues' Last Chance Tournament
and Sign-up event!

Hours for our dart Pro Shop:
Mon., Wed., &Thurs. - 9:00a-4:00p
Tuesday - 1:00p-4:00p
Fri - Closed


Summer Leagues' Last Chance!!!


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Lansdale Amusement Company Dart Leagues

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Did you know ALL of the forms you'll ever need (CONTACT LISTS), for league play, are on our "FORMS" page?

Go, take a peeksy, you'll see.


Dart Player Official Averages for 2014-2015 Leagues

LAC provides dart machines and leagues for both the
Galaxy Dart Machine and the Phoenix Dart Machine!
We are NOT a distributor! We only operate dart machines.
Please use the links below and check out their websites for more information.



For player information - contact LACDL!



Lansdale Amusement Company
127 Union Street Hatfield, PA 19440 215-368-1255

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